Vegas and Beyond

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm leaving Las Vegas after a lovely event crafted by Suzanne Scott at the Clark County Library. Attentive audience, great questions, and chocolates made by Suzanne with miniature cover art of "The Sweet By and By" on each one. How did she do that? That said, Vegas wouldn't be Vegas without a few characters to report, and here are mine: a Howard Hughes impersonator who gave me his picture and resume, a woman with pink hair and a chihuahua dyed pink to match (animal rights, anyone?), and finally, emerging from the elevator opposite me at around 10:45 this morning, a woman in a floor length white ball gown worthy of Glinda in Oz, on her way to breakfast. And I couldn't help thinking that everything that happens in Vegas not only does not stay in Vegas, but leaves hourly on Southwest Airlines.

On a different note, I just learned about a friend who took "The Sweet By and By" on one of her biweekly visits to a 93-year-old dear friend in a nearby nursing home. She shared the flap copy with her elderly friend who replied by saying that she thought she "needed to hear that story." So my friend is now reading the book aloud in installments, and this past week, three nurses' aides came into the room to listen too. A new kind of book club.


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