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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have received so many amazing letters since the book landed on shelves three weeks ago. These stories mean everything to me, so THANK YOU to all who have shared them. I'm excerpting a recent one below with the permission of the writer:

"Dear Mr. Johnson, Last May, my mother-in-law passed away after a stroke...Your description was so close to what [she] did during her final week. She would smile and talk to "other people" in the room; all the while, she would be pulling an imaginary thread as if she were sewing. She would clip threads and strings from the air. Reading your book helped me understand what was going on in her mind at that time. In her more lucid moments she would tell me of seeing bugs crawling on the floor, or of the time she saw a tail grow out of her leg, reach across the room, and tighten around my father-in-law's neck. She talked of how frustrating it was trying to make anyone understand what she was experiencing as real. They termed her death as being "terminal restlessness." We all miss her very much. Thank you for writing such a compassionate book about a difficult time in life."

I think I'll always remember the words "terminal restlessness," and, to be honest, the part about the tail.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Todd........your book is becoming quite popular in the Carolinas!..Needless to say, you know I loved it. One of the librarys in Raleigh has a waiting list of 25 people to read your book. Some of my friends say they are going to wait until you come to this area to buy the book so you will sign it for them. I have a sister in Emerald Isle, who tells me she has bought one for herself and one for her friend. I am sure I will comtinue to hear these stories in a greater number. As you know, I loved the book. I could relate to it in a number of ways. The characters were wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful book, Todd. So very thought provoking. Love, Jane

March 27, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

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