For Book Clubs

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I dropped by the book club of First United Methodist Church of Stamford, CT a few days ago and asked them to send me a photo. A great time and lively conversation all around!

If you live in Connecticut or New York City, I'd be happy to visit your club too. Otherwise, I often call in to chat via speaker phone. Either way, feel free to go to my website to set something up.

Nurses and Caregivers

I haven't posted much of late. I've been getting back to work on the next book and also doing some traveling. I just came home from Ball State University where I was invited to speak by the amazing Kathryn Kennison, who directs the E.B. and Bertha Ball Center on campus (above). In addition to other events, I read from "The Sweet By and By" for the very FIRST TIME in a nursing home in Indiana. More on that soon in another post; there's too much to say. It profoundly changed the way I think about my own novel.

I've been surprised to receive so many letters from nurses and caregivers in the past number of weeks. Recently, several have written to tell me that they are using "The Sweet By and By" as a teaching tool in gerontological nursing programs. I can only feel stunned and grateful. I've also gotten letters from several readers who, either through their churches or social service organizations, have used the book to conduct workshops for long-term caregivers. Thank you for telling me your stories -- they mean more to me than you could know.