Last week of summer...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Everything slows down in the summer, including (for me) blogging.

Spent the whole gorgeous (and occasionally REALLY hot) summer at home in NW Connecticut except for two trips -- one to Greenwood, Mississippi to the movie set for "The Help" (it's going to be wonderful) and the other to stunning Dewees Island, SC. Dewees is a special place - the bulk of the island is a nature preserve so it has the (long-lost) look of the barrier islands of forty years ago. No cars or paved roads. Ate the best fried shrimp of my life at The Wreck, an unmarked restaurant on Isle of Palms (not so easy to find in the dark without a GPS, I might add). Also, took part in a loggerhead inventory on the beach three days after a nest had hatched. There was one hatchling still in the nest, and watching that little one determinedly make its way into the crashing waves made me vow never to say that writing a novel is hard work.

Also, plenty of slow days for books. Here are a few of my summer reads: "Shadow Country," by Peter Matthiessen (spent a week canoeing in the Everglades this past spring so this one had special resonance for me); "Ferris Beach," by Jill McCorkle (a favorite author's lovely story of a young girl's coming of age in the 70s); "The Writings of a Savage" (letters of Paul Gauguin); "The Heaven of Mercury," by Brad Watson (a Southern writer's beautiful first novel, set in Mississippi); "The Nashville Sound," by Paul Hemphill (research for my own novel-in-progress); and "The Farther Reaches of Human Nature," by A.H. Maslow (just because).

Enjoy what's left of the warm days, and eat tomatoes every chance you get.


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